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About the FCSME

The Four County Society of Model Engineers is a 501 (C) (4) organization. As such, the FCSME is an HO scale modular railroad club dedicated to advancing our skills and enjoyment of the hobby.

We are located in Central Maryland, mainly Carroll, Howard, Frederick and Montgomery Counties, but also with members in surrounding areas including Northern Virginia, North Eastern Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

We meet in centralized locations in our area and virtually in Zoom when necessary. Slide shows, clinics, rail fanning trips, work sessions, layout visits and even picnics are all part of the agenda, but the main focus is on the modular layout.

Modular layout? Why a modular layout? Many years ago (in 1975) our club was formed and started meeting above a hobby shop in Mt Airy MD. For many years we enjoyed the location, but all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, some wise members saw the writing on the wall, and we developed what we call the I.R.S. or Interchange Rail System, a hybrid modular railroad standard that was downwardly adaptable to any NMRA spec module. This has allowed our club to continue on in members homes, and also to come together as a flexible, yet dependable model railroad exhibit.

Contributions are welcomed but they are not tax deductable.