FCSME Member: Bill Carl
M o d u l a r   R a i l r o a d i n g   a t   i t s   B e s t

This page shows the progress of my Graham module.  This module is 8' long and is one tall and long tunnel.  The prototype is 1592 feet long and is the only tunnel (of four) on the Magnolia Cutoff that is in Maryland.  If I did it to scale, the tunnel would have to be 18.3' long.  I selectively compressed it to fit an 8' module.  It is different as you don't see many modules with dramatic elevation.

This shows my initial attempt for the Graham module.  The plan was to have 4 pieces (the base, two mountain ends, and a 'bridge' piece).  In the end I decided to make all one piece.

The foam has been carved but foam needs to be added around the tracks.
The West end of the tunnel with foam carved.
The fascia board has been installed.

More pictures to follow....