FCSME Member: Bill Carl
M o d u l a r   R a i l r o a d i n g   a t   i t s   B e s t

Yard Lead
This page shows the progress of my Yard Lead module.  This module is 8' long and has a large 'S' curve in it to take the tracks from the front of the module to the back.  Then over the next four modules, the tracks slowly come back to the front to be in compliance with our club standards.  The bridge on this module disguises the entrance to our staging yard.  The yard is a tremendous asset at shows as we can assemble and disassemble trains without tying up the main line.

Here is the Yard Lead with very little foam carved (nearest module).
Staging yard that starts behind the Yard Lead.
Staging yard with two trains.
Rails and ties are painted.

Initial piece of fascia board.
Control panel and bottom cut.
Profile cut.
Lift-out mountain carved.

One more piece of foam needs to be carved (above the control panel).

Rocks glued on with Latex Liquid Nails.  You can see two cabinet pulls I used for lift-out handles on the mountain.  They will be quite disguised later.

Another view of rocks glued.
Another view of rocks glued and you can see the cabinet pull I used for a lift-out handle in the upper right.

Another view of rocks glued.
Preparing for plaster gauze.
Wax paper installed behind mountain and in seams to facilitate removal.

More wax paper.
Plaster gauze installed on lift-out mountain.

Plaster gauze on front half.

Plaster gauze completed.
Another view of plaster gauze completed.

This view shows the cabinet pull on the right and the little lift-out section outlined by wax paper.

The landscape has been painted brown and you can see some of the electronics on the rear control panel.

Fascia board primered.
Preparing to stain rocks using Woodland Scenics pigments.
Rocks stained and 'fly specked.'

Another view of rocks completed.
Close up of a rock and 'fly specking.'

Many colors and textures to choose from but only a few basic ones are required.

Starting to sprinkle grass.
Initial grass completed.
Another view of grass completed.

Grass on the lift-out mountain.  The little lift-out has shrubbery glued to it instead.

Here is my form to pour the road.

The road is poured.
Opposite side of road showing the abutment.

Front control panel with lift-out section removed.
Front control panel access hidden!

Right side of the road shoulder poured.
Left shoulder poured.
Road and shoulder painted.

More pictures to follow.....