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Ken's First Show
Hello, and welcome to the October 2002 Great Scale Train Show.  This was the first show I was able to bring my 'in progress' module(s) to.

As you can tell, my module saw a lot of traffic.  It was used for storage of trains as well.

This picture shows the end view.  Check out all the stored cars on my module.  
At one point, I bet there was over 100 cars stored and traveling over the 24'
of module.

Bill Carl stored his cement hoppers in front of the future Coca Cola plant.  In front of the brick building we will spot tank car which bring corn syrup and CO2.  In front of the other part of the building will be box cars for loads out.

Originally I was intending this to be a steel fabrication facility.  However, I am putting a steel fabrication facility on the far right end of the module, so I am not certain what I will label this one as.